What is Adobe Experience Platform?

Adobe Experience Platform helps you deliver the right experience every time by transforming all your data into robust customer profiles that update in real time and AI-driven insights you can activate in every channel


Okay, so that was adobe’s official description but for us as Data Engineers & Data Analyst, let’s quickly take a look at what Adobe experience platform means and how it would shape our roles in the days to come!

What is Adobe experience platform (AEP) built to do?

While most of the adobe experience cloud products have been acquired and made part of the marketing technology stack, the Adobe Experience Platform is purpose built by adobe on modern cloud based big data architecture. It aims at being the FOUNDATION of customer experience management to deliver RICH, RELEVANT experience in REAL-TIME.

It’s CORE functions include

  • Collects, Organise, Transform, Integrate data across all Customer Experience and Interaction
  • Create “Real Time Customer Profile”
  • Apply Internal and External Regulatory Data Governance across data sources
  • Create Actionable Segments that are continuously updated in real time.
  • Activate Segments across Adobe Experience Cloud and 3rd Party platforms.

Adobe Experience Platform for the Marketers

If you are a CMO, Marketer, Data Analyst, Data Science Professional, Business Intelligence analyst, Digital Marketing Manager, CRO team or simply your role involves using data to drive “business decisions” AEP will have a role to play.

It’s role includes but not limited to..

  • Integrate various online & offline data source to create holistic view of customer
  • Identity resolution across data sources
  • Understand Customer journey across channels
  • Use Real-Time Customer Data platform across adobe products
  • Access to AEP native services
    • Query Service
    • Data Science Workspace
    • Intelligent Services

Adobe Experience Platform for the Technology teams

If you are a CIO, Business Analyst, IT Program Management, Developer, Data Governance, Data Integration Analyst, Data Engineer or simply your role involves PRODUCING data from various channels and interactions, Adobe Experience Platform will become single destination which receives streamlined schematic data.

AEP can help you..

  • Integrate various online & offline data source to create holistic view of customer
  • Identity Resolution across data sources
  • All new AEP web SDK and edge network, biggest change to data collection across adobe data tools.
  • Unified Adobe Experience Data Model (XDM ) schema for consistent data format across
    • Adobe Solutions
    • Web/Mobile Clients
    • CRM Data
    • Online, Offline & 3rd Party data

Adobe Experience Platform features snapshot

A quick look at all the AEP feature sets

what is adobe experience platform, it's features and capabilites
source: dobe.com & adobe summit session videos

What is available today?

As best i could understand the AEP services could be logically grouped into

  • Native Platform Services: All the core AEP data streaming, organising, Real-Time Profile, Governance and Storage.
  • Application Services: Composable services that work together with adobe products.
    • Real-Time Customer Data Platforms
    • Customer Journey Analytics
    • Journey Orchestration
  • Intelligence Services: All the AI and MI related services.
    • Attribution AI
    • Customer AI

Based on announcements and sneaks at the adobe summit 2020, there will be few more services/features coming to AEP over the next year.

More info and Documentation?

Here are some sources for more information, both adobe and other external reads

So that’s pretty much for now, i plan to keep this post updated as i learn more, feel free to add via comments or reach out to me

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