Adobe Experience Platform

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Adobe CDP Data Collection

Adobe Experience Platform provides a suite of technologies that allow you to collect customer experience data from client-side sources, and send it to the Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network where it can be enriched, transformed, and distributed to Adobe or non-Adobe destinations in seconds.

Batch & Streaming Connection

Data Sources

Data Prep

Data Monitoring

Identity, Datasets and Profile

Bridge customer identities across devices and systems to deliver personalized digital experiences, merge customer data to create a unified view of customer interactions across channels.

XDM & Schemas

XDM is a publicly documented specification designed to improve the power of digital experiences. It provides common structures and definitions that allow any application to use to communicate with Platform services. By adhering to XDM standards, all customer experience data can be incorporated into a common representation that can deliver insights in a faster, more integrated way.

Experience Cloud Products & AEP

Activities around Adobe Launch (Tag Management Solution) which could be automated, reported

Data Ingestion

Adobe Experience Platform brings data from multiple sources together in order to help marketers better understand the behavior of their customers. Adobe Experience Platform Data Ingestion represents the multiple methods by which Platform ingests data from these sources, as well as how that data is persisted within the Data Lake for use by downstream Platform service

Data Prep

Data Prep allows data engineers to map, transform, and validate data to and from Experience Data Model (XDM). Data Prep appears as a “Map” step in the Data Ingestion processes, including CSV Ingestion workflow

Data Monitoring

In Adobe Experience Platform, data is ingested from a wide variety of sources, analyzed within Experience Platform, and activated to a wide variety of destinations. Platform makes the process of tracking this potentially non-linear flow of data easier by providing transparency with dataflow

Data Governance

Adobe Experience Platform Data Governance allows you to manage customer data and ensure compliance with regulations, restrictions, and policies applicable to data use. It plays a key role within Experience Platform at various levels, including cataloging, data lineage, data usage labeling, data usage policies, and controlling usage of data for marketing actions.

Real-time Customer Data Platform

Built on Adobe Experience Platform, Real-time Customer Data Platform (Real-time CDP) helps companies bring together known and anonymous data from multiple enterprise sources in order to create customer profiles that can be used to provide personalized customer experiences across all channels and devices in real time

Query Service

Adobe Experience Platform Query Service facilitates that by allowing you to use standard SQL to query data in Platform. Using Query Service, you can join any dataset in the Data Lake and capture the query results as a new dataset for use in reporting, machine learning, or for ingestion into Real-time Customer Profile.


Adobe Experience Platform Segmentation Service provides a user interface and RESTful API that allows you to build segments and generate audiences from your Real-time Customer Profile data. These segments are centrally configured and maintained on Platform, and are readily accessible by any Adobe solution.


Destinations are pre-built integrations with destination platforms that allow for the seamless activation of data from Adobe Experience Platform. You can use destinations to activate your known and unknown data for cross-channel marketing campaigns, email campaigns, targeted advertising, and many other use cases

Customer Journey Analytics

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) is an application service built on top of Adobe Experience Platform. It brings the rich analysis tool known as Analysis Workspace into the Platform, to allow you to do multi-channel analysis on any of your Platform data sets.

Adobe Event Forwarding

Event forwarding in Adobe Experience Platform allows you to send collected event data to a destination for server-side processing

Marketing Automation

  • Real time marketing communication using Adobe Event Forwarding