AEP Data Collection Capabilities & Technologies

If you are someone who comes from a background of data collection for adobe analytics, adobe target and AAM. the term “AEP data collection” may overwhelm you.

We users of adobe marketing/analytics cloud of products have historically been implementing/using “product specific” data collection library and clearly made this work at an enterprise level.

The all new “AEP Data collection” hopes to be faster, more flexible and distribute events on edge networks where it can be enriched, transformed, and distributed to Adobe or non-Adobe destinations

This post will help you visualise the AEP Web SDK data collection and in the future posts will cover details of each of the capabilities within AEP Data Collection

The Concept of Data Collection

The concept of data collection for adobe marketing and analytics suite of products has also been tied to a certain library/method from the time of inception.

While this is all good and worked great for us so far, the client (browser) bears the brunt of loading all of these without affecting the page load and user experience.

The all new Data collection service offers us an agnostic way of data collection, independent of who will end up using the data. This concept helps us design “Single Data Model” which will form the foundation for all the data consumers within Adobe and Non Adobe destinations.

Adobe Experience Platform Data collections for Adobe and non Adobe Destinations

Some of the features of the new data collection include

  • Ability to consolidate Data Collection for all adobe experience cloud products (Fewer network requests)
  • 70% lighter Code – Web SDK
  • Forward data to Non Adobe applications (Event Forwarding)
  • Server to server API for use cases where data from internal apps or secure apps are not collected on client side.

Data Collection – Using AEP Data collection services

Here’s a short visualisation of data collection features available with Adobe Experience Platform.

AEP Data Collection Technologies

Adobe Tags ( aka Adobe Launch)

The Client side tag management solution we all knew as “Adobe Launch” has been rebranded as Adobe tags. In addition to AEP Web/Mobile SDK Tags give customers a simple way to deploy and manage all of the analytics, marketing, and advertising tags necessary to power relevant customer experiences.

AEP Edge Network Server API

The Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network provides an optimised way for customers to interact with any Adobe Experience Cloud or Adobe Experience Platform Edge services.
The Edge Network Server API can be used for a variety of data collection, personalization, advertising and marketing use cases. The Server API can be used on servers, IoT devices, set-top boxes, and a variety of other devices.

Data streams ( aka Edge Configurations)

A datastream represents the server-side configuration when implementing the Adobe Experience Platform Web and Mobile SDKs. Datastreams handle all other configurations for the SDK & Server to server API events.
In addition to managing adobe solutions, datastreams also includes “Data Prep” to modify data on edge before it is passed on to adobe and non adobe solutions.

Event Forwarding (aka Adobe Launch Server side)

Event forwarding in Adobe Experience Platform allows you to send collected event data to a destination for server-side processing.
Implemented in a similar manner to tags, event forwarding rules can transform and send data to new destinations, but instead of sending this data from a client application like a web browser, it is sent from Adobe’s servers.

Reference and further reading

Some help/documentation articles to get started

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