Measuring Digital Influence on in-store activity

This CDP use-case talks about measuring influence of digital marketing channels on inStore activity and transactions using Adobe RTCDP and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

CDP use case: Digital influence on in-store activity and sales using Adobe RTCDP

Business Challenge: Measuring the digital influence

We all know how important it is to create a seamless connection between various channels and use digital to efficiently drive sales across the board.  

While this all sounds good it can be quite a challenge to measure how our digital marketing investments translate to in-store activity and sales 

Some of the business challenges to addressing here are   

  • The influence of Digital marketing efforts on store purchases 
  • Influence of Digital marketing efforts on Store or Offline events 
  • Which marketing channel mix are most effective?  
  • Which Digital campaigns are driving store sales 
  • Visualise Customer journey from digital to Store 
  • Create Omnichannel marketing efforts for customers shopping across channels.  

The Solution, Architecture & Integration using Adobe RTCDP

Connecting the Digital Interaction with Offline Events involves..

  • Identify various touch points across digital and Store 
    • Leveraging actionable analytics & experience data   
    • Create Audiences to address opportunities  
  • Identity management & Consolidation 
    • Identities form the foundation of AEP profile and reporting; we ensured that this is consolidated and consistent across touchpoints 
    • Consolidate identities and create a identity management framework 
  • Campaign Tracking Conventions  
    • Review, document effective ways to track campaign performance across digital and store  
    • Create End to end campaign tracking conventions 
  • Report, Analyze & Iterate 
    • Use Adobe Customer journey analytics to report, visualize and communicate performance for business teams   

Adobe Stack Configuration

Adobe Products  Role  
Adobe Launch & Data Layer  Tag Management solution to capture web/app events for reporting, and real time contextual data  
Adobe Customer Journey Analytics  Create a CJA connection using dataset across digital, Cx & Store to create customer journey reports & visualizations 
Adobe RTCDPCollect data from various data sources to be available for Customer Journey Analytics 

Technical Architecture – Wiring it all up!  

digital influence on instore activity with Adobe RTCDP
Framework for measuring digital influence on in-store activity with Adobe RTCDP

The Business Impact : Report & Visualise using Adobe Customer journey Analytics

As more data sources of customer interaction are added within Adobe CDP, the following increment benefits are available

  • Customer Journey Across Touchpoints: Ability to report and understand customer trends from digital to store 
  • Customer Analytics and Insights: Leveraging a complete set of interaction data for actionable analytics which then would become foundation for omni channel marketing efforts. 
  • Marketing Mix Insights: Ability to report which marketing channel mix was effective in driving in-store sales and activities 

Sample Report built within Adobe Customer Journey Analytics 

Cohort Analysis of Digital Interaction & Offline Transaction
Marketing Channel Overlap for Store transactions
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