A Visual Guide to Data Landing Zone -AEP Data Source

This visual guide to AEP Data Source – Data Landing zone will help you visually understand the basic concepts and how to get up and running with Data landing zone without going thru tons of documentation.

if your organisation has tons of data sources from various platform and more importantly recurring “BAU” update to augment custom profile within CDP, it is highly likely you have experienced some of these common data issues below.

  • Multiple data pipelines to ingest data
  • Disconnected data hubs
  • Manual data flow processing
  • High time to value for your first party data
  • Error prone data flow set ups

If you are answer is a resounding “yes” to any of the above!, the all new AEP Data sources Data landing zone is a feature you cannot afford to miss!

Data Landing zone set up – Adobe Experience Platform Data Sources

What is AEP DLZ Data Source connector?

Data Landing Zone is an Azure Blob storage interface provisioned by Adobe Experience Platform, granting you to access a secure, cloud-based file storage facility to bring files into Platform

The setup

  • AEP License should come with out of box access to one Data Landing Zone container per sandbox

Cost and Limits

  • The total data volume across all containers is limited to the total data provided with your Platform Products and Services license.
  • Platform enforces a strict seven-day expiration time on all files uploaded to a Data Landing Zone container. All files are deleted after seven days.


  • All customers of Platform and its application services such as Customer Journey Analytics, Journey Orchestration, Intelligent Services, and Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform are provisioned with one Data Landing Zone container per sandbox

Security & Data Access

  • Data Landing Zone supports SAS-based authentication and its data is protected with standard Azure Blob storage security mechanism
  • There are no network changes required for you to access your Data Landing Zone container, which means you do not need to configure any allow lists or cross-region setups for your network
  • You can read and write file(s) to your container through Azure Storage Explorer or your command-line interface.

AEP DLZ Connector: Use Cases

  • Third party system data
    • Survey system data provided by a vendor
    • Call center events provided by. a vendor
  • Internal data examples ( BAU Examples)
    • Next best offers for customers: Data science team
    • Look up datasets updates
    • Product meta data updates

AEP DLZ: Benefits

  • Data Landing Zone (DLZ) can become a central repository where all ingested data is stored before being processed by the CDP platform, especially when there are not out of box connector available.
  • Data Landing zone provides a central hub for data storage, which enables organizations to control access and maintain data privacy.
  • Increased Efficiency and faster value to data
  • Easy set up for Adhoc or Bulk data management
  • Integration with other Azure services
  • Part of Adobe License

Set up & Usage: DLZ – AEP Data Source Connector

data landing zone aep source connector

Youtube Version

Prefer a walkthru, watch on youtube

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