Adobe Project Firefly: Debug, Deploy and Publish app

In this post we will quickly cover two critical aspect, i.e debugging and way to deploy & publish your project firefly app

The last three post covered project firefly introduction, project firefly components and bootstrapping Project firefly app.

In this post we’ll go over

  1. Debugging Adobe Project firefly application
  2. Understand CI/CID and deploy app
  3. Publish App to the Adobe experience cloud

As you will see the Adobe Project firefly team have done good job in documenting and make some excellent videos on YouTube regarding these topic. It only makes sense for me to reference them here.

Debugging Adobe project firefly apps

There are two excellent resources on debugging, first is code labs and the other is the video below.

Debugging Adobe Project firefly apps

CI/CD for Project firefly Apps

Adobe Project firefly team created this excellent video on CI/CD for the apps covering the default GitHub actions or custom CI/CD for the apps

ci/cd project firefly apps

Project firefly review and publish

Adobe Project firefly documentation shows step by step process to review and publish an app. Check out the article here

Approval process *source

Access to Published app on Experience Cloud

To access all the heedful application, head to experience cloud home page and click on project firefly to view the list of the application in production. Here’s a reference image from the help article.

Project firefly in adobe experience cloud *source

Learning Resources

Here is a recent video from project firefly team I found would be great starting point.

Learning resources – Project Firefly

Next set of posts – Project firefly

My next set of posts would be focussed on us cases across various adobe marketing tool of products. Stay tuned!

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