Adobe Project Firefly: Technical Overview

This is second post of series on Adobe Project Firefly, You can read about the introduction and why you should consider using Adobe Project Firefly.

Project firefly involves lot of moving parts, as a primer to get started it makes sense to spend some time and understand the core fundamentals & stack of products and services available.

In this post we’ll go over

  1. Getting Access to Adobe Project Firefly
  2. Core components of the Project firefly framework
  3. Architecture Overview
  4. Security Overview
  5. Integration with Adobe Experience Cloud

Getting Access to Adobe Project Firefly

Adobe Project firefly is still in developer preview and you can get access by filling in the form, you can read more about it HERE

Core components of Adobe Project Firefly

Here’s a look at the core components of project firefly

Core components of Adobe Project firefly

Single page application

The React Spectrum project implements the Adobe’s Spectrum design language, It includes React-based UI framework for creating experiences that feel native alongside Adobe products

Serverless platform (Adobe I/O runtime)

Adobe’s Serverless compute framework for running 3rd party Custom Code on the Adobe‚Äôs Infrastructure enabling you to deploy application (headless or heedful) that can respond to events and take action.

Developer Tools

Project firefly comes with set of dev tools, services and libraries to help scaffold, build and debug applications.


A streamlined way for developers to interact with core adobe services to automate processes and build apps on top of it. Some of it include

  • Adobe I/O CLI
  • Adobe Experience Cloud Product Libraries
  • CI/CD Pipeline

Cloud Services

A range of services for file and data storage, managing application life cycle, and user access control for cloud native application.

Event Driven Apps

Ability to Publish and consume custom events, with support for webhooks and journaling, Custom events makes it easy to build event driven application.

Adobe Project Firefly Architecture

This video from Adobe project firefly teams sums up the architecture of firefly applications. .

Adobe Project Firefly – Architecture Overview

Project Firefly Security Overview

This video talks in brief about Access control for apps and out of box features to build secure application with firefly

Integration with Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud is a single gateway to all your existing apps today, With Project firefly you can leverage this to provide unified experience to users and manage all your apps within the experience cloud shell.

Any products/apps built will have access to and interact with experience cloud features such as topbar, menu, alerts and notification.

For detailed guide refer to this page

Next Post in this series

The next post will cover set up and getting started with Adobe Project Firefly. Stay tuned! .

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