Adobe Project Firefly: Create Project and Bootstrap app

With this post we finally hit the ground running, the last two post covered why adobe project firefly would be a great value add and the technical overview of project fireflyIn this post we’ll go over

  1. Checklist to get started
  2. Understand what is headless and heedful app in firefly context
  3. Setting up local tool and envirnoment
  4. Set up a new project within Adobe developer console portal
  5. Bootstrap your app and get it up and running

Prerequisite to get started

Adobe Project firefly is still in developer preview and you can get access by filling in the form, you can read more about it HERE

Application types within Adobe Project Firefly

Adobe Project firefly apps are serverless apps and are of two types, Headful and Headless. in layman’s term apps with an UI/Frontend and apps which do not have an UI and runs autonomously on the server (on schedule or on certain events)

Core components of Adobe Project firefly

Headless Apps

Headless apps has an architecture that isolates and runs autonomously without an GUI. The App includes set of serverless actions deployed on adobe’s serverless platform, such apps are configured to trigger on schedule or processes that invoke the action. Some of the examples include

  • Notification Services (Error, Success of key events)
  • Personalisation Use cases with Adobe analytics triggers
  • Personalisation use cases with Adobe audience manager

Headfull Apps

A headful application is a Single Page Application (SPA) with a full-fledged user interface (UI) served from the out-of-the-box Content Delivery Network. This type of application calls Adobe Product APIs directly from the client when applicable. When there is a strong need to orchestrate Adobe Product API calls with 3rd party API calls, or with Adobe Identity Management System for authentication purposes, you can deploy serverless actions and/or sequences using Runtime.

Anatomy of Project Firefly

A quicks snapshot of key components of project firefly

Project Firefly Anatomy: JAMSTACK *source

Create project in Adobe developer console

Adobe I/O Console gives you access to APIs, SDKs and developer tools to build on, integrate, and extend Adobe products. Check out the video below to understand how to create project and use workspaces.

Adobe Project Firefly – Projects and Workspaces – Adobe I/O

Bootstrap app in local env

This video talks in brief about how to quickly set up project firefly in your local environment.
Also the official documentation is a good place to follow to initialise firefly app.

Next Post in this series

The next post will cover set debugging, CI/CD and Publishing the app, stay tuned. .

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