Data Products for Adobe Experience Cloud Users

Adobe Experience Cloud is a collection of applications and services built on the first platform specifically designed for unmatched customer experiences, giving you the most comprehensive tools for insights, content, engagement, and more.

In short most adobe experience cloud are “Data Products” in itself, the foundation of all these products is some form of data.

These products have great “out of box” features, however there are many tasks which may not be available or suitable to all the organisations. This has traditionally led to build

  • Systems to enhance or manipulate data for Adobe Experience Cloud products
  • Systems to Integrate, Ingest, Validate data for and from Adobe Experience Cloud products.
  • Systems which automate data validation & testing
  • Systems which integrate data from external systems into adobe applications
These systems are "Data product" on their own, sometimes classified as micro integrations or micro services

A data product is an application or tool that uses data to help businesses improve their decisions and processes.

Data products around Adobe Experience Cloud of products could be categorised under these broad 4 categories 
  • Integration & Set up: Micro Integrations, Data flow automations set up as part of implementation efforts for a particular tool/product
  • Testing & Data Validation: Automated testing and end to end data validation across systems and vendors.
  • Operations/BAU: This is a category of product that are built to enable the day-to-day operations of an enterprise. These will often take the form of systems for BAU teams that have small, relative user base but critical to the overall operation of digital teams
  • Maintenance & Ongoing Updates: An activity to ensure current features/data points are maintained and products that assist in testing, validating new changes as part of new releases.

Characteristics of Data Products

  • Do not need to be enterprise level: Build systems/automation which help remove manual process at role or task level. These could be as simple as set up alerts for data monitoring
  • Goal Driven: Clearly defined goals, i.e information, report, dashboard, alerts or insights that let business/marketing or technical teams make better decisions.
  • Free up Resources: Data products help free up economic resources from manual intensive task enhancing value to teams and organisations.

Data Product – Examples

I recently started to put a list together, the intent is to showcase some useful data products.
Checkout the page Adobe Data Products

Here are some examples by practitioners to begin with, i will add as i find more. Feel free to comment if you have built or know some awesome tools/products

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